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 Zelina Vega

Real Name: Thea Megan Trinidad

Ring Name: Zelina Vega

Born: December 27, 1990

From: Queens, New York City, New York

WWE Debut: July 12, 2017

Zelina Vega is an professional wrestler, model, actress, and zumba instructor. She is signed to WWE, performing in their developmental territory NXT. She is best known for her work in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, where she performed under the ring name Rosita. She has also worked for various independent promotions as well. While in TNA, she became a one-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion with Sarita.

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WWE Monday Night Raw Results – September 14th, 2020
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Backstage, Lana complains to Angel Garza about Natalya not getting a title shot against Asuka. Garza starts hitting on Lana. Zelina Vega and Andrade walk in. Vega yells at Garza for leaving Andrade last week. Garza says he is tired of getting blamed for Andrade’s failures. Vega yells that she can’t do this anymore. Vega storms off. Garza and Andrade get into a fight.

RAW Women’s Championship Match: Asuka (c) vs. Mickie James

James and Asuka trade pin attempts. James mocks Asuka. Asuka almost locks her in the Asuka Lock. Asuka tries to taunt James but James kicks Asuka’s legs out from under her. Asuka catches James with the pop-up knee. James kick out. After the break, James lands a senton off the top. Asuka kicks out. Asuka drops James with a spinning back fist. Asuka lays in a few stiff kicks. Asuka hits the ropes and James rolls her into a single leg crab. James lands the Chick Kick. Asuka gets her hand on the bottom rope. Asuka and James trade pin attempts. Neither can get a three count. Asuka rolls James into the Asuka Lock. The referee stops the match.

Winner and STILL RAW Women’s Champion, Asuka!

Zelina Vega storms the ring. Vega says she’s been thinking about HER future. Vega says Asuka is too focused on the stars of the past. Asuka should be focused on the future. Vega tells Asuka not to bother asking if she is ready for her. Vega says Asuka isn’t ready for her. Vega slaps Asuka. Asuka charges Vega. Vega rolls out of the ring.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – September 7th, 2020
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The Street Profits vs. Angel Garza and Andrade w/ Zelina Vega

Ford catches Garza with a clothesline. Garza tags in Andrade. Andrade doesn’t want to get in the ring. Andrade wasn’t ready for the tag. Dawkins suplexes Andrade. Spinning splash by Dawkins. Garza and Vega get into an argument. In the confusion, The Street Profits hit their finish on Andrade for the win. Garza walks away.

Winner- The Street Profits

As Garza is walking up the ramp, SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura walk out on the stage.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – August 31st, 2020
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Tornado Tag Match: The Street Profits vs. Andrade and Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega

Garza and Andrade attack Ford and Dawkins before the bell rings. Dawkins is thrown out of the ring by Andrade and Garza. Ford goes up top. Andrade and Garza cut Ford off and attempt a superplex. Dawkins intervenes and takes everyone off the top in the tower of doom. After the break, Garza and Andrade are working over Dawkins. Dawkins catches Andrade as he dives off the top for an exploded suplex. Dawkins crushes Garza with his patented spinning corner splash. Garza breaks up the pin.

Demi is at ringside watching the match. Dawkins is out in the tree of woe. Andrade hits a double stomp off the top. Ford breaks up the pin. Everyone hits a big move. Ford floors Andrade with a running blockbuster. The lights flicker. Garza leaves the ring and takes Demi away from ringside. The commentators run away. Retribution attacks Garza, Ford, and Dawkins. Vega is surrounded outside the ring. Vega goes on the offensive but is quickly overcome by the numbers.

No Contest

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – August 24th, 2020
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Zelina Vega and The IIconics vs. Bianca Belair and The Riott Squad

Kay and Royce double team Morgan. Morgan sends Royce into the corner. Morgan splashes Royce in the corner. Riott tags in. Royce whips Riott into a boot by Kay. Vega, Royce, and Kay take turns working over Riott. Vega taunts Belair. Riott tags in Belair. Belair clears the ring. Vega tries a wheelbarrow but Belair turns it into the Glam Slam. Belair hits the KOD on Vega for the win.

Winners- Bianca Belair and The Riott Squad

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – August 17th, 2020
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Ivar w/Erik vs. Angel Garza w/Andrade and Zelina Vega

Ivar tries a spin kick but Garza counters it into a facebuster. Backstage, Angelo Dawkins is chatting up the young lady Garza and Ivar are fighting over. Vega steps in front of Garza when Ivar is about to hit a dive. Garza dropkicks Ivar in the head for the win.

Winner- Angel Garza

Dawkins appears on the screen and threatens to expose Garza with a video. On commentary, Samoa Joe notes that WWE has instituted a strike surveillance policy and he got his hands on some footage that he shared with Dawkins. Joe notes it’s amazing what people do when they think no one is watching.

Backstage, Dawkins shows footage of Vega poisoning Montez Ford. Ford appears and they attack Garza and Andrade.

Montez Ford w/Angelo Dawkins vs. Andrade w/Zelina Vega and Angel Garza

Ford is all business. Ford dropkicks Andrade. Andrade falls out of the ring. Ford lands a high dive over the top rope. Ford goes up top. Andrade cuts him off and connects with a superplex. Side headlock by Andrade. Ford fires up and lands two clotheslines followed by a standing moonsault for a near fall. Andrade tries to go up top but Ford leaps up and takes Andrade off the top with a rana. Ford goes up top. Vega gets on the apron. Bianca Belair runs down to the ring. Vega dives off the apron but Belair catches her. Belair flattens Vega with the World’s Strongest Slam. As Andrade is distracted, Ford schoolboys him for the win.

Winner- Montez Ford

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – August 10th, 2020
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In-Ring Segment: Zelina Vega

Vega says she had nothing to do with Montez Ford being poisoned last week.

Angelo Dawkins vs. Andrade w/Angel Garza and Zelina Vega

Dawkins is all over Andrade. a dropkick sends Andrade tumbling out of the ring. After a distraction, Andrade trips Dawkins on the apron. Andrade pummels Dawkins. Dawkins manages to hit a suplex. Andrade trips Dawkins into the corner. Andrade hits his patented running double knees. Dawkins kicks out. Vega gets on the apron. Belair runs down to the ring and takes care of Vega. Dawkins hits the cashout for the win.

Winner- Angelo Dawkins

Belair throws Vega into the ring. Belair wants to start their match now. Vega runs away.

Bianca Belair vs. Zelina Vega

Vega begs and says she didn’t do it. Vega rolls Belair into a triangle choke. Belair powers out of it. Belair picks Vega up by her head and slams her face into the mat. Belair bops back and forth and screams for Vega to get up. Belair traps Vega in the corner. Belair unloads on Vega. Vega pokes Belair in the eye. Tornado DDT by Vega. Belair kicks out. Vega dives off the top but is caught by Belair. Military press slam by Belair. Vega slaps Belair. Belair goes off, landing clubbing blow after clubbing blow. Vega goes for the 10 punches in the corner while screaming she didn’t do it. Belair powerbombs Vega, the ally oops her into the top rope. Belair pins Vega after the KOD.

Winner- Bianca Belair

After the match, Charly asks Belair if she has any proof that Vega did this. Belair says Vega knows what she did. When Charly asks how Tez is doing, Belair walks away. Dawkins says they will be ready for SummerSlam and they want the smoke.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – August 3rd, 2020
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Backstage, Angel Garza gives a rose to Demi Burnett from The Bachelor. Zelina Vega tells him to focus on his match.

Angelo Dawkins (with Montez Ford) vs. Angel Garza (with Andrade and Zelina Vega)

Garza goes shoulder-first into the ring post when Dawkins dodges him. Dawkins pounces Garza into the barricade. Dawkins flattens Garza with a flapjack. With a dropkick, Dawkins continues to dominate. The camera pans to Demi Burnett watching the match backstage. Garza hits a dropkick and goes for the Wingclipper, but Dawkins drills him with a right hand. Montez Ford falls over at ringside, and the distraction allows Garza to rock Dawkins with a superkick. Garza pins Dawkins with a kick to the face.

Winner: Angel Garza

Dawkins tends to Ford at ringside.

Andrade vs. Montez Ford

The match began during a commercial break. Ford uses his athleticism to gain the upper hand when the two competitors exchange technical holds. Andrade takes control with a chop and some knees to the mid-section. He sends Ford out of the ring, but Ford whips Andrade into the barricade. Andrade drills Ford with a forearm shot. A suplex earns Andrade a two count. Andrade grounds Ford again, but Ford rallies with two clotheslines. A dropkick sends Andrade crashing to the floor. Ford dives onto Andrade outside. But Ford collapses in the ring, and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Andrade

Medical officials tend to Ford.

Backstage, Charly Caruso says she doesn’t have an update on Montez Ford. Angel Garza flirts with her. Zelina Vega says she and her associates are concerned about Ford. Angelo Dawkins says the doctor thinks Ford may have been poisoned. Bianca Belair confronts Vega and asks her what happened to Ford. She says Vega was responsible for his poisoning. Vega and Belair brawl and their respective allies break up the fight.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – July 27th, 2020
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The Viking Raiders vs. Cedric Alexander and Ricochet vs. Angel Garza and Andrade (with Zelina Vega)

Andrade and Garza attack the Viking Raiders before the match and take control early on. They stare at the champions, who are sitting at the broadcast table, and taunt them. Ivar flips over Alexander and drops him with a shoulder block. Andrade and Garza take a breather at ringside and Alexander and Ricochet double-team Ivar. Erik tags in and the two teams chase Garza and Andrade. Alexander and Ricochet gain the upper hand and Ivar slams Andrade on the floor. Erik slams Ivar onto Andrade. Ricochet and Alexander continue to double-team Garza. Ricochet rocks Ivar with a dropkick. Ricochet works with Andrade to inflict punishment on Erik. The makeshift team ends when Ricochet tries to pin Ivar and Andrade breaks it up. Ivar hits Andrade with several strikes and suplexes him. Ivar squashes Andrade with a splash. Garza drills Ivar with a superkick. Erik suplexes Garza .

Andrade stomps Erik at ringsde and slams Ivar into the barricade with Garza. Andrade and Garza take control of the match and Andrade drills Erik with double knees. Garza and Ricochet tag in and Ricochet hits Garza with a flurry of strikes. A standing Shooting Star Press isn’t enough for a three count. Andrade nails a rolling elbow but Andrade gets floored with a nasty knee from Erik. Ivar dives off the top onto almost everyone at ringside. Garza capitalizes by hitting a Wingclipper on Alexander for the win.

Winners: Angel Garza and Andrade

The winners stare down the champions, who give their challengers a round of applause. Garza and Andrade attack the champions and run away.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – July 20th, 2020
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Backstage, Charly asks Andrade and Angel Garza how they will get on the same page for their match tonight. Zelina Vega interrupts to answer but the Street Profits attack both men from behind.

The Street Profits vs. Andrade and Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega

Andrade and Garza attack the Street Profits as soon as the bell rings. Garza and Andrade beatdown Dawkins while Ford is out on the floor. Ford gets back to the apron while Garza has Dawkins in a butterfly lock. Dawkins and Garza trade strikes. Dawkins tags in Ford. Ford clears the ring. Ford flattens Andrade with a senton over the top rope. After the break, Dawkins floors Andrade with a shoulder block. Dawkins works over Andrade’s arm. Dawkins tags in Ford and whips Andrade into the ropes. Ford dropkicks Andrade in the face.

Andrade drives Ford into the corner. Garza tags in and lays the boots into Ford. Low dropkick by Garza. Garza and Andrade take turns working over Ford. Ford manages to tag in Dawkins. Dawkin crushes Andrade in the corner. Dawkins suplexes Garza. Dawkins suplexes Andrade. Spinning splash by Dawkins. Dawkins hits a bulldog on Andrade. The Street Profits sets up a doomsday device. Garza crotches Ford on the top rope. Ford knocks Garza off the top. Ford leaps off the top rope, turns in midair, and flattens Garza with a frog splash for the win!

Winners- The Street Profits

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – July 13th, 2020
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Backstage, Charly asks Andrade and Angel Garza how they will manage to get on the same page against the Viking Raiders. Vega jumps in and says Garza and Andrade are better than everyone on the roster and the women, including  Charly can’t hold a candle to her. The Viking Raiders walk in and say Garza and Andrade have dishonored the tag team division. Charly gets distracted by Ivar’s… beauty. Ivar takes the rose Garza is holding and gives it to Charly. Charly is speechless. Garza looks on with growing rage.

Elimination Match: The Viking Raiders vs. Andrade and Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega

As soon as the bell rings Andrade and Garza attack Erik and Ivar. Andrade chop blocks Ivar. Ivar ducks Garza’s attack and tags in Erik. Erik clears the ring. Rising knee by Erik. Erik picks up Ivar and drives him into Garza, who is seated in the corner. Andrade breaks up Erik’s pin. Garza surprises Erik with a superkick. Garza takes Ivar off the apron. Andrade crushes Erik with a running double knee strike. Andrade pins Erik after the Hammerlock DDT.

Erik has been eliminated

After the break, Garza saves Andrade from a flying Ivar. Garza asks Andrade if they are on the same page. Andrade and Garza fist bump. Ivar flattens Andrade and Garza with a suicide dive. Ivar throws both men back into the ring. Ivar sets up a handspring elbow. Andrade pushes Garza out of the way. Ivar hits Andrade. Ivar goes for a spin kick. Garza ducks and Ivar hits Andrade. Ivar pins Andrade.

Andrade has been eliminated

Ivar lands the same spin kick to Garza. Andrade puts Garza’s foot on the bottom rope. Ivar tries a standing senton but Garza reverses it into a powerbomb for the win.

Winners- Andrade and Angel Garza